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Dr. Moon Jean Ho, ND

The first 25 years of my life, I was lost and afraid. Life was so hard and each step was a struggle. Why would a kid's life be so hard? Because on top of family situation, I had depression. But I didn't know that, and my parents didn't know that. I never fathomed that the happiness and strength I have today was possible. Or that I could heal from that crushing darkness. I wondered what the meaning of life was. I went to counseling, which People kept telling me, everything has a purpose, one day your life would all make sense. I could only hope of the day when I feel clear about my past, present, and future. 

The thing is, depression is not just in your head, it is also in your body. The neurotransmitters signaling your mood is off balanced. Whether it is emotional things that threw your body off balance, or your body was off balanced, causing depressed mood-- people with depression have BOTH. You have to heal both the physical and non-physical to get out of this trench. 

So what happened after the first 25 years? While studying Chemistry at UC Berkeley, I stumbled upon Naturopathic Medicine and thus began my life changing journey through Bastyr University's Naturopathic Medicine program.

My earliest dreams were of becoming a counselor, then an engineer and surgeon. While in medical school, I developed my connection with various layers of the body through Craniosacral Therapy and Visceral Manipulation training. Then I met my Lakota Shaman teacher, Char Sundust, who trained my intuitive gift for three years. I left Seattle to start a primary care practice in Hilo, Hawaii, where all that training synthesized and evolved into Body Signal Reprogramming. with the vision of helping people achieve optimal health. Those years in Hawaii taught me so much about prioritizing life, about love, and about trust. I bring 

I am so grateful that I can look back and understand the importance of each piece of my past. How in the end it was where my gift came from, my ability to see inside another, to understand what I see. It is why I have faith as we wade through the depths of their darkness together that we will always find a way out, the entanglement will always clears, and the light will always returns. 

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