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The Big Picture

This work is really about the purpose of life. Why are we here? My teacher, Char Sundust, is a Lakota Shaman. She taught me that we are here for a purpose—to learn, grow, and heal. You have to 'learn and grow' from your life to heal your inside.


Soul Walk Meditation is mind-body medicine. Your body reflects your heart and your soul. Medications and supplements may be able to help your body, but your body can't have self-sustaining health, until you address what is causing you to get sick on the inside.  

The process of Soul Walk Meditation gives rise to wisdom on how to approach your life in order to realize your destiny. What emerges as we untangle the lines within your soul is the yellow brick road that leads to not just your physical freedom, but also your emotional freedom, happiness, inner peace, and fulfillment. These two processes cannot be separated. That is what it takes to heal the root of your physical ailments. 

Before you commit to the path revealed, how will you know this is the right path? Your heart will recognize the truth that comes from within you. That is what will give you the faith and courage to face your growing pains. 


Having this map is the difference between wandering a forest, vs having a trail map with your destination marked. You still have to walk the trail, but it helps focus your efforts instead of letting your energy be drained by lack of direction. Having no answers and being lost is so much more stressful than the challenges itself! Clarity about the path may not make the path easy, but transforms your discomfort into positive stress that propels you toward growth.


Soul Walk Meditation is an interactive process, not just a treatment that is done to you. My job is to support you, guide you, and empower you, but you are the one who has to make the decision to face what is within you, and to walk your yellow brick road. No one can walk your path except for you, because your yellow brick road is the purpose of your life

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