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What clients have to say about Dr. Ho..

“Dr. Ho's expertise in the mind, body, emotion connection is one I’ve never experienced. She is more intuitive than any other health practitioner I’ve ever met, and has helped me heal from things that have plagued my body for as long as I can remember—emotional toxins that are held in the body that contribute and manifest into physical pains and ailments. The mild depression that I would feel off and on throughout my life is no longer present. I no longer have my asthmatic symptoms, and even my chronic shoulder pain that I’ve had for more than 6 years is diminished. I’ve done yoga, meditations, spiritual retreats, and I’ve never felt as grounded as I did after one treatment with Dr. Ho. I am grateful for her expertise, her knowledge, and her gift of healing.” –Marisa, 35F, Hilo, HI


“There really are no words to describe the positive impacts in my life that were the direct result of Dr. Ho’s gifts. She is a healer, she is a shaman, she is a wise woman. When Dr. Ho showed up in my life, I was a train wreck. My life was out of control from depression, stress, overeating, and lack of motivation. Now I am happier, healthier, and stronger at 59 than I have been in many years, maybe my entire life. She taught me how to open my heart, and how to not let fear impede my path and healing. She is honest, direct, and incredibly compassionate. Dr. Ho has been a guiding light in the dark tunnel and made me a true believer that there really is light at the end. I love Dr. Ho and will forever be grateful that she came into my life.” –Linda M. Peters, 59F, Keaau, HI 

“The treatment I have received from Dr. Ho has surpassed all other medical treatments I’ve tried. Through her intuition, she has assisted me with mind, body, and soul healing, as well as equipping me with the strength, determination, and inspiration to help myself heal. She is careful and compassionate with her work. She has helped me undergo life changes that have benefited me mind, body, spirit, healing not only through medicine, but with her heart.” –CB, 23

"I traveled to Big Island with a bag full of physical and emotional issues. I didn't know where to start. Having visited a number of healers, Dr. Ho has given me uniquely tailored healing treatments that has helped me beyond those of my past. Her incredible care is deeply appreciated and I could not have grown to this level in my life without her patience and proactive treatments."

"The healing process that was applied to me by Dr. Ho is a very special experience for me. I'm a person who won't be probed by people about my personal life. She reached my heart and soul, she got it right what is troubling inside me. The release of tensions in the heart is so good. It opened my heart to love myself more, and to accept people and the world.

Dr. Ho is very gentle and skillful. She finds answers. I feel good. Thank you." –Jij Booth, 35, Hilo, HI

"It's of my great appreciation to have been referred to Dr. Ho for treatment. I had never before heard of this intuitive therapy until experiencing it first-hand. I was amazed at how well Dr. Ho was able to guide me through deeply rooted emotional issues that have contributed to unwellness and disability. Working with Dr. Ho has provided me with the opportunity to increase my awareness and the ability to work towards living my life and being a healthier and more positive person. I am deeply grateful for Dr. Ho's time, talent, and knowledge. I'd recommend her to everyone!" –Hannah, 32F, Hilo, HI

“Dr. Ho was the glimmer of light that broke through my shadow when nobody else could see past my flaws. Dr. Ho helped me through the hardest battles I needed to overcome, but most of all she helped me find my inner strength. This woman has helped heal me in ways many will never understand. I always wanted someone to understand what I was feeling without thinking I was crazy. Dr. Ho was that person for me. Words can’t explain the changes this lady has made in myself and my family. I will always be grateful for Dr. Ho and the gift she has been given because she definitely is a big part of my life, and I will always cherish and remember everything she has done for me. I can’t describe how many days I struggled because I had nowhere to run to, tears came to my eyes just thinking of how much one person has changed my life. I know she is there helping the turtles find their way back home in the deep blue ocean.” –AS



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